Cardinals John Skelton Gets the Call


The Arizona Cardinals will start John Skelton today at quarterback against the St. Louis Rams, in place of Kevin Kolb, who is nursing a turf toe.  I know many people in Phoenix are cheering this but let’s be realistic here.  Whether he throws 10 touchdowns or none, Kolb will be the starting quarterback as soon as he gets healthy and that’s the way it should be.  What it does do for Skelton though if he does play well, is he gives the Cards confidence he can come and fill in at anytime and then could compete for a starts position next season.  For now, the job is 100 percent Kevin Kolb’s.

This isn’t to say I don’t want Skelton to do well.  I do, I really do.  I think it would give us all some comfort to think the Cards have a solid backup who could come in at a moment’s notice and run the offense.  Skelton will be making his first start and first appearance of the season.  He started four games in the dismal 2010 season.

Kolb meanwhile will sit with his injured toe.  It’s not optimal for him as I would love to see him continue to get the reps, however he did not practice at all this week, so this move was inevitable.  I don’t know if Kolb will be inactive at this point as that won’t be announced until 90 minutes before kickoff, however if the thought process is to sit him and rest his toe, then he should be inactive, otherwise start him.

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