Cardinals Peterson Wins on Talent but Needs Risk Awareness


Another look at the big punt return for a touchdown in overtime for Arizona Cardinals rookie Patrick Peterson and it is still amazing to watch.  He may still be in a learning process at corner, however he is getting better there.  He had an interception to go along with his big return yesterday.  As far as his returns, he now has three for touchdowns in his first eight games.  There are some things he could learn though even from the big play.  How about being careful about taking risks fielding a punt that deep in your own territory.  Normally I wouldn’t say it is a big deal, espcially given the outcome, however it does deserve further scrutiny, result notwithstanding.

I love the result, however, what if he gets tackled at the one or just a few yards upfield?  He’s put his team in quite a predicament.  Let’s remember John Skelton didn’t fare well the previous two times a drive started inside the five.  Both ended up in St. Louis Rams safeties.  Who’s to say a third couldn’t have happened?

I am all for taking risks, but just given the situation, chances were better of it not turning out well if Peterson gets stopped quickly.  Peterson addressed it after the game and knew he was taking a risk.  The result was excellent of course this time, but what about next time?  I’m guessing Peterson might not have many more chances this season at least if teams learn not to punt directly to him.  Then again, sometimes people have short memories.

I don’t want to take away the joy of a win and would never purposely do so, but it is my job to point out what could have been as well.  Just as I always look at how situations turned bad could have turned out better, I do same in reverse as well.  This time, I won’t call it luck cause Peterson has an abundance of talent, however, Peterson might want to think twice about fielding a punt inside the five with the game on the line next time.  Not everyone is St. Louis.

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