Cardinals Have One Less Eagles Headache to Deal With


The Arizona Cardinals got a bit of good news first thing this morning.  Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson has been ruled inactive by the Eagles.  No, he’s not hurt.  The man missed not just a team meeting, but a special teams meeting on Saturday.  He has had his troubles on special teams as of late.  Clearly Eagles coach Andy Reid is trying to send a clear message to not only Jackson but his team.  They sit at a disappointing 3-5.

The Eagles have other weapons at wide receiver though.  Jeremy Maclin and Jason Avant are still viable weapons for Michael Vick.  The Eagles still can run over the Cards secondary with those weapons without issue.  The Cards secondary has been torched time after time and even without Jackson, it could still be a long day.

It also takes away a weapon on the Eagles special teams as well, despite the issues Jackson has had lately.  The Cards still have their hands full but this is one headache I’m sure they are not disappointed to see Jackson sitting this one out.

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