No Controversy, Arizona Cardinals Should Stick With Kevin Kolb


The Arizona Cardinals now have themselves a nice problem.  They have two guys that can start an NFL football game at quarterback.  Granted, second-year player John Skelton has a better record and can be argued as played better than Kevin Kolb to this point.  Skelton is 2-0 this season.  Kolb is 1-6.  Let’s not forget what we all said though before the season began?  Preach patience.  It could take Kolb all season to get comfortable in this system.  Skelton is now in his second year in the system.  I do know this about Skelton though, I have no reservations sending him out to start a game anymore.  He can play.

Put the just the money aside, you have also invested a cornerback and a second round pick into obtaining Kevin Kolb.  I also guarantee you this – Kevin Kolb does not improve by sitting on the bench if healthy.  If you want to really see what Kolb can do, you have to be patient.  At 3-6, I think the Cards have that luxury now, for this season.  I’m not saying ride it out all the way through next season, but you need to give Kolb the chance to succeed.

Skelton played ok on Sunday, however he still showed signs of a young quarterback.  Let’s also remember how highly receiver Larry Fitzgerald thinks of Kolb.  He is one of the reasons Fitz agreed to a contract extension here.  No Kolb = no Fitz.  I think Kolb needs to be given the chance to continue his starting gig, once he is healthy.  However, that being said, it also give the Cards the luxury of getting Kolb to 100 percent healthy before sending him back onto the field.  Once he is healthy though, send him back out.  I’m ok with pulling him later or giving Skelton a couple more starts the last couple of weeks of the season.

Simply put, Kolb needs to be given his fair shot.  I realize today’s average NFL fan has no patience.  In Arizona though, record wise, the damage has been done already and it’s not all Kolb’s fault either, let’s not forget that folks.  So, stay the course.

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