Cards John Skelton Owns Best NFL Second Year QB Rating


It has only been two games, I realize that.  I also realize I believe this man should be the backup when Kevin Kolb is healthy again, however that doesn’t keep me from pointing out the fact that Arizona Cardinals quarterback John Skelton has the best rating in the NFL for second-year quarterbacks.  I thought I would check out the stats and see how he compared considering how much everyone has been talking up a guy who hasn’t had a great performance yet, but two serviceable ones.  Skelton currently has a QB rating of 84.1., which is the best rating of any second year QB that has started a game this season.

Skelton has a better rating than Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy.  Tebow has more touchdown passes, but that is because he has one more start under his belt.  McCoy is the full time starter in Cleveland.  Bradford has nursed injury all season.  Still, the stats say Skelton is the best.

Of course it would be nice to see if Skelton can sustain the decent stats through a string of games but he may not get that chance.  As I said the other day, I think he has proven he can play in this league and has solidified at least his standing as a number two in the NFL.  I list below the current ratings of each of the four second-year QB’s with at least one start under his belt.

Skelton – 84.1

Tebow – 81.6

McCoy – 78.2

Bradford – 72.6

Skelton most likely gets another start this week against the San Francisco 49’ers.  It will be his toughest test yet to see how far he has come.  It will be another tough road test too.  It is also another chance to prove his supporters correct and his critics wrong.

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