Cardinals Need All Their Weapons on Sunday Against Niners


Everyone hurts, some more than others.  We know Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb will probably sit this Sunday out against the San Francisco 49er’sJohn Skelton would get the call again in his place.  However guys like Beanie Wells need to do whatever is necessary to get on the field.  The Cards don’t have the backup at running back this season like they do at quarterback.  Wells, who has not practiced, has still not had a status for Sunday determined yet.  I can tell you this, to entertain any ideas of winning, he needs to play.

The Cards are 3-6.  Playoff shots are a long shot at best, but mathematically a shot still exists and as long as it does, the Cards can not rest on their laurels.  I have no issue with Beanie sitting during the week if it helps his status for Sunday.  The problem is the Cards have made horrible decisions in personnel at the running back decision since training camp.  They dumped Tim Hightower.  Of course no choice in losing Ryan Williams.  They had a chance to try and do something once Williams went down.  Of course the same could be said for a number two receiver.

At this point, it is still hard to say who the number two receiver is for the Cards as well.  Early Doucet has been good at times, Andre Roberts good fewer times.  Neither has been consistent.  Larry Fitzgerald has started to pick things up and Skelton has done a good job of getting him more involved the past two weeks.

Clearly, any shot at beating the Niners relies on the Cards health.  They just don’t have the backup personnel to keep up this season.

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