Now It’s Clear: 2011 Cardinals Using the Lee Corso “Ah…F*** it” Attitude


For the past couple of months, I like many other Arizona Cardinals fans, have been trying to figure out just what the Cards plan was this season?  Some days they look like they have no plan.  Some game days it appeared they just woke up and picked a game plan from a hat.  Now it is clear after Lee Corso’s “F’ bomb outburst on ESPN College Gameday this morning.  The 2011 Arizona Cardinals are using the “Ah…f*** it” plan.  I mean, it seems if games aren’t starting that way, they are sure finishing that way…which is exactly what Corso did this morning on College Gameday.  Just a warning, if you are offended by strong language and the use of the “F” word, please do not play the video and just read on.

I mean, it is clear that coach Ken Whisenhunt isn't sure what he will do with the quarterback situation once Kevin Kolb returns healthy.  He won't even acknowledge that the Cards are even thinking about staying with John Skelton once Kolb returns from injury.

The Cardinals lost a lot of close games early and now they are finding out the price for the mistakes, which clearly haven't been all the fault of Kolb.  There is much blame from players to coaches to go around.  The offensive line has been offensive.  The gameplan early on in games against the Seattle Seahawks, Washington Redskins, and New York Giants, all seemed to be the "Ah...f*** it plan."  I can't believe it has taken me nine weeks to figure it out.  Even in wins against the St. Louis Rams and Philadelphia Eagles the past two weeks, I was wondering at times just what the plan was.

Against the Baltimore Ravens, they seemed to have a clear plan and it was working.  Then leaving 24-6 at halftime, they obviously threw that plan out.  They went away from what was working.  You know, things like running Beanie Wells consistently.  They always seem to be running from things that are working.

Back to the Seattle game, they ran the no-huddle like they had been doing it for years.  They capped the no-huddle drive with a touchdown.  Then, they stopped using it, lost any sense of urgency.  Clearly, they said, "Ahh...f*** it".

For his part, Corso did apologize.  I just hope the Cardinals do the same at the end of the season and give us our money back because we sure as heck can't get our time back.

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