Arizona Cardinals Have Some Great Looking Young Talent


The Arizona Cardinals are older in some positions however in some others they have some promising young talent that could provide big plays for the Cards for many years to come.  Guys like Sam Acho, Daryl Washington, Patrick Peterson, David Carter, and O’Brien Schofield have all show much promise for the future.  They’ve probably seen more time this season thanks to their losing record.

Acho has three sacks and one fumble recovery in limited action.  He has great explosion from the end and should be a great one for years to come.

Washington already looks like a pro-bowler.  He leads the team in tackles with 60, 54 of them solo.  He also has three sacks and an two interceptions and several other almost interceptions.

Peterson has been burned on the corner a few times, to be expected from a rookie corner, however on special teams he has been very special, returning three punts for touchdowns already.

Carter and Schofield both are getting their names called much more often as well.  Carter has been a little bit of a surprise.  He just needs to find the playing time to contribute.