Arizona Cardinals 2012 Draft Possibilities


So, now that there is almost no chance at the playoffs, it is time to look at where the Arizona Cardinals will be picking in the first round in the 2012 NFL Draft in April.  They could very well end up with a top ten pick.  Going into this week, the Cards would be picking eighth in the draft based on league records.  We know there will most likely not be any Andrew Luck sweepstakes and honestly that is for the best.

So who do the Cards look at with the first round pick? Here are my top five choices.

Matt Kalil – OT – USC : Not convinced drafting an offensive lineman in the first round is the way to go (see Levi Brown).  However Kalil is the real deal.

David DeCastro – OG – Stanford : Hasn’t declared but could be lured as a projected top 10 pick.

Justin Blackmon – WR – Oklahoma State : Might not be around by the time the Cards pick, but if he is, this is where they should go.

Michael Floyd – WR – Notre Dame : Most likely is available at the time of the Cards pick, but is he worth a top ten selection?

Robert Griffin – QB – Baylor :  Kolb is the guy here, for now, and would be given the starter’s job next season, but Griffin could be the future if Kolb is not.