Beanie Wells, Patrick Peterson Lead Cardinals to 23-20 Victory Over Rams


Beanie Wells.  Patrick Peterson.  That’s all you need to know today about the Arizona Cardinals.  I could throw in Daryl Washington and Sam Acho as well for good measure.  Wells ran for a career-high and Cardinals single-game record of 228 yards and a touchdown.  He was just simply a beast today.  He even left the game briefly – twice, with injury.  He showed his determination today.  Simply awesome.  Peterson returned his fourth punt for a touchdown this season and that’s all you need to know in the Cards 23-20 victory over the St. Louis Rams.

On a day when quarterback John Skelton didn’t play his best, he didn’t need to be thanks to Wells and Peterson.  They rode the heels of Wells all afternoon.  Even during times when Wells was spelled, Alfonso Smith and LaRod Stephens-Howling did just fine in his place. Smith had three big carries to give Wells a blow and Stephens-Howling had a huge 14-yard reception on 3rd down to give the Cards a first-down and the ability to run out the clock.

Washington and Acho were all over the place on defense.  Washington had five tackles and one pass defensed, which was huge at the time. Acho had three tackles, two for a sack and one for a loss.  Just a monster. Both of them.  It was fun to watch and hear their names called.

The Rams made some questionable calls today that were honestly head scratchers.  They were going to go for it on a fourth and one and Arizona called a timeout.  The Rams came out and decided to attempt a field goal instead.  It missed.  Then they decided to punt the ball back to the Cards with just about three minutes to go.  They really should have gone for it there.  You have to wonder about the coaching decisions?

Makes no matter, the Cards are now 4-7 and headed into a showdown with the Dallas Cowboys next week.  Can’t wait.

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