Kevin Kolb Inactive Again; Cards May be Better off With Him on IR


I’ve been a Kevin Kolb supporter all season long.  I still am, however this will he or won’t he play charade the Arizona Cardinals play every week is getting very old.  We get the “well he got some practice in”, “well he still walks with a slight limp”, “well..well…well”.  Enough.  As much as I’ve said Kolb needs to be the starter no matter how John Skelton performs, it is time.  It is time for the Cards to send Kolb to Injured Reserve, let him properly rehab the injured toe, and let Skelton finish out the season.  Kolb should still be the starter when the 2012 season gets going.

By putting Kolb on IR, it would allow this week by week uncertainty to go by the wayside.  The players will know well before game time who will be their quarterback.  They can properly game plan and it also gives Skelton an extended look to see if he is the long term solution at the backup position at the very least.

I would love to see Kolb get some work in to help prepare for next season but really the weekly uncertainty is just too much and it has to be riding the minds of the Cards players as well.  Kolb can get plenty of work in the off-season at 100 percent.  No need to risk further injury to a guy who the Cards have a lot of money invested in, in games that mean pretty much nothing at this point.