Arizona Cardinals Defense Gives Up Big Play, Down 17-7 After Three


The Arizona Cardinals defense had stiffened up.   Then they gave up a huge play 76-yard touchdown pass from Cleveland Browns quarterback Seneca Wallace to receiver Greg Little.  They were about to force another punt and then got burned on the rollout pass from Wallace.  So much for the playoffs.  The Cards really have looked like end of a dogs business today.  They don’t deserve the playoffs if they can’t stop a Browns offense that let’s be honest, hasn’t amounted to much at all in 2011.

Now the Cards can focus on just playing a decent fourth quarter and going home with the hope of an 8-8 season.  With the way things are going, I hold little hope of two scores to get this thing to overtime or a win in regulation.

Every time it seems that the Cards are about to get something going, they can’t capitalize and things fall apart in a hurry.  They’ve had their opportunities.  Stranger things have happened, but right now the only seemingly strange thing that will happen is that the Cards somehow pull this game out.  Right now, they are playing like they don’t want to.

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