Arizona Cardinals Quarterback Kevin Kolb the Forgotten Man


All this talk about Peyton Manning and we all forget we already have a starting quarterback.  That would be Kevin Kolb.  Do you remember him?  The guy that is due a $7 million option on March 17th.  The guy that will go into training camp as the assumed starting quarterback, however in an open competition with John Skelton to be the full-time starter in 2012.  As much as we talk about Manning, it almost seems as a forgone conclusion Manning will be in an Arizona Cardinals uniform and Kolb elsewhere next season when in fact nothing could be further from the truth, or at least the current truth.

Manning apparently has been cleared to play by a couple of his doctors, but not by Indianapolis Colts doctors.  The Colts have yet to make a decision on him.  The Cards also have yet to make a decision on Kolb.  I’m assuming the Cards are going to wait to see what happens with Manning before making a decision on Kolb.  Manning is due his $28 million option on March 8th.

We’ve all treated Kolb as if he already has one foot out the door.  Chances are he is your starter next season no matter all this Manning talk.  The Cards need to make sure Kolb is much better prepared for the upcoming season.  Kolb needs a full off-season worth of preparation.  It is less than six months till training camp after all.  We all saw what the lack of an off-season did for Kolb last season.

I would love to see Manning here, however I think we all need to also face the realization that Kolb is an Arizona Cardinals quarterback, for better or for worse.  Many fans think it is surely for worse, however we need to acknowledge that he is the most likely candidate for the Cards starter.