Super Bowl XLVI and the Commercials: Winners are New York Giants and M&M’s


The fourth quarter provided some alright commercials.  The best of the quarter was Bud Light’s Here We Go dog retrieving Bud Light’s for everyone at the party.  Pretty funny.  It was not good enough in my opinion to beat M&M’s Sexy and I know it though.  That one made me laugh the loudest.  I loved the Honda Ferris Bueller ad, but that debuted online on Monday.  They only aired the short version tonight, so if they had waited till tonight, I would have given that one the overall winner award.  As for the game, it was entertaining but not the shootout I expected. However it came down to the end once again and once again the New York Giants prevailed over the New England Patriots 21-17 to win Super Bowl XLVI.  A huge 38-yard catch by Mario Manningham on the final scoring drive was the key play.

My overall commercial rankings – top 10

1. M&M

2. Honda CRV -Ferris Bueller

3. Sketchers

4. Acura Seinfeld

5. Fiat

6. Audi

7. Doritos -sling shot baby

8. Doritos – dog buries cat

9. Oikos

10. Volkswagen