Super Bowl XLVI Commercials: Second Quarter Goes to Sketchers (and Pats)


The second quarter was both kind of ho-hum on and off the field.  Not much action on either offense, however the commercials didn’t provide much more entertainment either.  There were some good ones, but not as funny as the M&M one in the first quarter.  I do give the second quarter to Sketchers.  That one did get me to laugh out loud. The last Doritos commercial with the sling shot baby was pretty good too.  As for the game – it was the New England Patriots quarter, taking a 10-9 lead over the New York Giants headed into halftime with an impressive drive at the end of the half.

My second quarter rankings:

1. Sketchers

2. Doritos – sling shot baby

3. Doritos – dog buries cat


5. Volkswagen