Super Bowl XLVI Commercials: Third Quarter Goes to Seinfeld (and Patriots)


Ok, the first half commercials were alright.  The third quarter didn’t start so great either, but kind of made a comeback at the end.  I liked the Seinfeld commercial.  The Fiat commercial was clever.  I laughed at the Oikos commercial with John Stamos getting head butted.  Anytime you can get a commercial with someone head butting John Stamos, it has to be pretty good. The Pepsi Max commercial was alright, but really didn’t make me laugh out loud like I would have expected it to.  As for the game, the New England Patriots came out and ran right down the field to take a 17-9 lead.  The New York Giants came back to get a field goal to bring it to a 17-12 game.  Then after a quick series by the Patriots offense, the Giants came back in and ran right down the field again, stalling at the Pats 15 and settling for another field goal, trailing 17-15 headed into the fourth quarter.  Should be a great finish.

My commercial rankings:

1. Seinfeld

2. Oikos

3. Fiat

4. Pepsi Max

5. Jack in the Box