Steelers Select Todd Haley as New Offensive Coordinator


I’m glad the whole Todd Haley issue is finally being put to rest.  The Arizona Cardinals, who were apparently interested in bringing Haley back as a quarterbacks coach or in some other offensive capacity, was hired today by the Pittsburgh Steelers to be their next offensive coordinator.  There was the thought he might be interested in that position with the Cards too, but apparently it wasn’t available and that is fine by me.

The Cardinals were interested in keeping Mike Miller in the OC position and I believe that is a good move.  Miller was just starting to get things going at the end of the 2011 season and it is a position that needs some stability.  Sure, Haley has been here before, however there is also the good chance Haley will be up for a head coaching job again soon.

With that in mind, this had to be the reason the Cards didn’t want to replace Miller with Haley.  Miller appears would be in the position for awhile as long as the Cards wanted him there.  Of course things could change if say, oh I don’t know, Peyton Manning ends up in Arizona.  However that is getting ahead of ourselves.

For now, Haley is going to Pittsburgh and the Cards staff stays in tact without changes.