Cardinals Should Seriously Consider Drafting a Quarterback


My first choice is Peyton Manning.  If that’s a no-go, then the Arizona Cardinals need to go back to Kevin Kolb and John Skelton and make them the 1-2 combo going into the 2012 season.  However, there needs to be an insurance policy.  That could come in the form of a middle-round quarterback.  There is no saying if Kolb turns things around in 2012.  There is no saying the Cards will be able to fully develop Skelton and even so, he’s needs a number two.  With as deep as the quarterback position is this year in the NFL Draft, they need to seriously consider the option because although it isn’t a deep draft at the top for quarterbacks, it sure is in the middle to late rounds.

Of course, there is no shot at Baylor’s Robert Griffin III.  There is no shot Stanford’s Andrew Luck.  We know that.  There are some really good options though in the later rounds.  A guy like Russell Wilson from Wisconsin could be one of those guy.  He’s a fifth-sixth round projection.  Some other guys that could be around in later rounds:

Nick Foles – Arizona

Kellen Moore- Boise State

Ryan Lindley – San Diego State

Kirk Cousins – Michigan State