A Day Without a Peyton Manning Report is Like a Day Without Sunshine


Day number 1,458,399 of the Peyton Manning watch.  Enough.  The report came out today that the current and most likely soon to be former Indianapolis Colts quarterback had not three surgeries but four over the past two years.  Honestly, does it matter how many he’s had  Does it change his current status?  Not one bit.  He still isn’t 100% and wouldn’t be if it had been 3,4,or 15 surgeries.  In the beginning it was interesting to get the constant updates on Manning, now it seems people are just reaching for Manning news.  I would tend to think at this point it will be difficult for any team to take a flyer on him, including the Arizona Cardinals.

Manning is going to have to prove he is healthy enough to play.  Forget what the doctors have said.  He still needs to prove it on an NFL football field against live action.  Until that happens, I think few teams take a chance.  The only teams I could see taking a chance would be the Seattle Seahawks and Washington Redskins.  I think there is an outside chance the Miami Dolphins take a chance, but I think that has to be remote at this point.

These teams have their own personnel decisions to make.  The Cards have a big one themselves on quarterback Kevin Kolb.  He is due a $7 million option by March 17th.  That’s only a month away.  I truly believe the Cards will pick it up.  Once that happens, forget Manning in Arizona, even if Manning becomes healthy.  The Cards would either eat the $7 million or would have to trade him to someone who is willing to pay Kolb.  Good luck on that I say.

I still believe the Colts will dump Manning, regardless of what Jim Irsay says about restructuring.  What an ass.  He only comes out with that info to make Manning appear to be the bad guy when Manning refuses to restructure.  I wouldn’t either, especially if the team is going to pick Andrew Luck and knowing even if you are picked up, you may still not see the field with the Colts ever again.  Let’s drop the Manning watch.  If a surprise comes our way, I’ll be on top of it, otherwise, let’s move on.