Cardinals Have Options Available With Offensive Linemen in Free Agency


As with their other position of need at wide receiver, the Arizona Cardinals options are a plenty on the offensive line when it comes to free agency.  Whether the Cardinals stick with Kevin Kolb and John Skelton or bring in a guy like Peyton Manning, they will need much better protection up front in 2012.  That much is clear.  Clearly Manning will need the protection and with Kolb and Skelton, I think although they were hurried much of the time, there were times they may have felt scrambling was their only option when it clearly wasn’t.  That comes from the feeling of not trusting your offensive line.

The Cards could go after any number of guys who could help solidify a better offensive line.  Jared Gaither, and offensive tackle who played the last five games of 2011 with the San Diego Chargers could be a guy that’s available if the Chargers decide not to re-sign him.  As far as guards go, Carl Nicks from the New Orleans Saints and Evan Mathis from the Philadelphia Eagles are the top free agents available.  Also a possibility Ben Grubbs does not return to the Baltimore Ravens as well.  He’s only blocked for Ray Rice, that’s all I’m saying.

I think the Cards will stay with Lyle Sendlein at center, however Chris Myers from the Houston Texans is available, although it would be a surprise if he does not re-sign with the Texans.

Other guys to look at would be Kirk Chambers, OT  from the Atlanta Falcons, Kareem McKenzie from the New York Giants, and Robert Turner from the New York Jets.