Simply Put, Cardinals Should Avoid Matt Flynn


I know there have been some other locals talking about this today, rooted from national talk, and quite honestly something I’ve been meaning to talk about except it seemed the Arizona Cardinals never really entered the conversation as it pertains to Green Bay Packers quarterback Matt Flynn, until today.  While I understand people wanting to link every available quarterback to the Cardinals under the sun, they would be smart to stay away from Flynn.

Did Kevin Kolb really scar the Cards that badly?  As far as I’m concerned, that’s a big no.  I think everyone takes a look at at the hype from the last off-season, obviously a little overblown, however, were the Cards really that worse off with Kolb?  No.  Sure, the initial advertisement didn’t pay off with a Super Bowl run.  Did you expect him to just come in and make the Cardinals the best team in the NFL overnight?  I sure didn’t.  I think we all expected a better record.  He was trying to fit into a new system and quick.

I kept saying all season how Kolb was not given a full off-season to prepare.  Everyone’s argument how the rookies playing better than him were paying better under the same circumstances just didn’t fly with me.  Some of those quarterbacks did receive their team playbooks well before Kolb got his with the Cards.  So let’s not pretend he came in and was the one who ruined the Cards chances at a playoff run.  There are a lot of other holes on this team and none of them Kolb’s fault.

Back to Flynn, he had one great game in the final week of the season and all of a sudden people think he has it all and he’s the next version of Kurt’s Adam Green had a great piece on this today.  Flynn is this years Kevin Kolb.  Well said.  I couldn’t agree more.  Let’s not drink that punch again.  There is also the bit about money too.  If it isn’t Peyton Manning for the Cards this season, it should and will be Kevin Kolb and John Skelton.  Period.