Cardinals Could Be Up for Hall of Fame Game


It was suggested this week the Arizona Cardinals might end up playing in this year’s Hall of Fame game to kick off the preseason in Canton, Ohio.  Personally, I have no issues with it and it can do nothing but help the Cardinals in preparation for the season, gets them into training camp sooner, and gives them more national exposure.  I am for on all three accounts.

I’ve been reading on the internet some people are against the idea because the risk of added injury.  C’mon people, there will be risk no matter when you play.  Someone has to play the game, right?  The Cards have not played in the game since 1986, two seasons before moving to Arizona.  I would say it is their turn.

Granted, the game is meaningless and you would only see the veterans for one or two series at most.  The game is more about the extra game experience and the opportunity for the Cards to beat up on someone besides themselves.  I get that some Cards fans think it’s a waste and a risk, but it’s the NFL.  You will always have risk.  So if you always have risk. then what’s the waste?  There are bound to be some new faces on the team in 2012 in some pretty important positions.  I say the Cards go for it if the opportunity is there.