Cardinals Need New Offensive Line


I realize the Arizona Cardinals said the other day at the NFL Scouting Combine that they want to bring offensive lineman Levi Brown back.  What I don’t understand is why?  The only argument for keeping him is being based on a few games at the end of the 2011 season.  Apparently they were willing to throw away the tape of all the other games he’s played in over the years.  Either that or totally ignore it.  The Cards need to not only replace Brown however, but should replace most of the offensive line.

Levi Brown has pulled the wool over the heads of the Cards brass.  Have guys like Jeremy Bridges and Brandon Keith done the same?  I sure hope not.  The Cards have some good guys on that line, just not good players.  The only two I still find any comfort in is center Lyle Sendlein and guard Daryn Colledge.  I also think Deuce Lutui still has the potential to be very good, but how long do you wait for that potential to develop?  He’s played six seasons already.

The Cards do need to address the position in both free agency and the draft.  They need a mix of veteran leadership and new blood straight from the top schools in the country.  I expect them to draft at least one of two lineman in the draft and easily could end up using their firs-round pick on an offensive lineman, depending on how the cookie crumbles with the first 12 picks.

Hopefully the Cards address the position with aggression.  Whoever the Cards quarterback will be in 2012 will need much better protection to give the Cards a chance to win some games on a difficult schedule.