Suggestion That Cards Could Get Manning and Keep Kolb is Far-Fetched


Who makes this stuff up?  It has been suggested that if the Arizona Cardinals land Peyton Manning they could also decide to hold onto current Cards quarterback Kevin Kolb, picking up his $7 million option.  I say that would be the worst move quarterback wise the Cards could make.  If you gamble with Manning, you have to go all-in or nothing.

While I think Kolb still deserves another shot and while I think you should have a plan B if Manning isn’t healthy enough to play next season, I also think it would be dumb of the Cards to pay Kolb while waiting to see if Manning would pan out.  That’s money well wasted.  As far as I’m concerned, you are paying Kolb if you think Kolb is going to be here for awhile.  You are going to have to pay Manning too and I don’t think the Cards would spend that kind of money between the two.

If the Cards pick Kolb’s option up, Manning isn’t coming.  Period.  It will be Kolb competing with John Skelton.  Where will the money come from?  The Cards have to address several needs and will need the money.  They can’t afford both Kolb and Manning.  Period.