The Cardinals Will Spend Money This Off-Season


The 2012 NFL Draft will bring talent to the Arizona Cardinals no doubt, but look for the Cards to be active players in free agency, even without Peyton Manning.  There are so many good free agents out there, the Cards would be dumb to ignore many of them.  The Cards have to see themselves as a team that is close to making its way back to the NFL playoffs.  Five wins in 2010, eight in 2011.  With the schedule as difficult as it will be in 2012, ten will be tough to accomplish, however given the talent pool of free agents out there to possibly assist in getting the positions of need filled, how can you not be excited for free agency to start next week?  I know I am.

The Cards will have a lot of competition for players at the same positions of need, especially at WR, even in their own division.  All four tams in the NFC West will be looking for upgrades at WR.  I expect all four teams to find someone in March or April at the WR through free agency.  I also think the Cards will look to the draft as well.

NFL Spin Zone will be putting together a post of Cards and other teams free agent needs here soon.  I truly think the crop of players out there that are available is some of the best in awhile.  Some will get re-signed by their current teams, but that is to be expected.