Calais Campbell Gets Tagged


The Arizona Cardinals officially tagged DE Calais Campbell today with the dreaded franchise tag, something most players do not like.  As far as I’m concerned, this means he’ll get paid top money for his position and he deserves every penny.

Campbell had a monster 2011 season, blocking multiple kicks and was a consistent force on the defensive line.  He’s got such great hands and has an awesome reach.  The Cards can not afford to see him leave, especially after the defensive exodus they’ve experienced over the past couple of years.  The Cards are just getting back into a position of an ok defensive unit.

No doubt Campbell would get paid no natter where he went.  His skills are second to none.  I think the Cards made the right move here in tagging him.  I know he probably won’t like it, but it ensures the Cards he will see his money and stays in Arizona for awhile.