Peyton Manning is a Free Agent, Arizona Cardinals are on the Clock


The Arizona Cardinals are officially on the Peyton Manning clock.  As of this morning, Manning is a free-agent, released by the Indianapolis Colts and free to negotiate with any other team.  Word is the Seattle Seahawks have already put in a claim.  Good luck with that Seattle.  The Cards are one of a small handful of teams said to be in the running for Manning’s services.

So what are the chances the Cards get Manning?  I say better than average.  I think he would bring a lot of different things to the Cardinals.  He would bring a change to the offense.  He is practically an offensive coordinator on the field.  I wouldn’t say he would make an OC rendered useless, but yeah it’s close enough.  He will demand he have a 100 percent hand in what plays are run.  It is what made him so successful in Indy.

He would bring excitement to the city and would definitely guarantee the blackout streak continues over the next few years.  I look for Manning to play another three years at least if healthy.  That’s a big if, but right now all indications are he will be healthy enough to take the field in 2012.

The Cards have their big decision on Kevin Kolb to make next week.  Word is Peyton Manning would like to make a decision within the next week before free agency gets into full swing, which would seem to fit the Cards time frame in making a decision one way or the other.