Tracking Peyton Manning: A Flight Path to the Ridiculous


It has come down to tracking flights from the Denver area to the Phoenix area.  There must be people stationed at every airport from Deer Valley to Casa Grande.  Literally.  I mean, just how ridiculous is this?  It is just football, right?  I realize it is NFL football, but still, just football…right?  The Arizona Cardinals are the reported next stop on Peyton Manning North American Tour 2012.

Can you blame people?  Well, yeah, to a point.  I mean, what do people expect to get out of just the sight of Peyton Manning in the Valley of the Sun?  I love how all day Cards players have said they haven’t heard anything.  Why should they?  It’s not like the Cards front office is going to pull out a call list and let everyone know he’s coming and he is here.  C’mon, let’s be realistic about this.

I’ve put a possible flight path on Twitter and Facebook, a link provided by Mike Sando of ESPN.  Some say it’s not him, but do we really know?  Do we really care?  Well, many of you apparently do.  I get it, I do.  However, what do we get out of it tonight. Even if he makes it here tonight, nothing will happen.  It’s just a visit.

For now, let’s just let things play out.  The Cards reportedly will make an all-out effort to land Manning.  For now though, let’s make an all-out effort to now get too ridiculous about this.  It’s exciting no doubt, but all of it means nothing  until he signs on the dotted line.