Manning Arrives in Arizona, Tours Tempe Facility


Peyton Manning arrived in the Phoenix area last night, just in case you hadn’t heard.  I mean, how could you not?  It’s all over the news.  At least he came in the dark of night and there were no helicopter chases.  Still, almost every move is being documented.  Reports are Manning has narrowed his choices down to Denver and Arizona.  Denver is probably the front runner.  Right now, he is touring the Arizona Cardinals facility in Tempe.  He should like what he sees, I know how nice it is first hand.

The biggest question may not be the facility or the organization or even the city.  It could come down to money and supporting cast.  Sure, Arizona probably has more offensive weapons, but that offensive line needs help.  Manning also has a good relationship with those in the Broncos organization.  I won’t count Arizona out yet, but I think it will take some kind of special sales job to get him in.

I imagine as the day unfolds, we will hear more about every move he makes.  Don’t be disappointed when he leaves town without talking contract.  The same happened in Denver.  It doesn’t mean anything.  I will say this though, if he does leave without talking contract, everything will happen fast in the next couple of days.  It is reported that Manning wants to make a decision by Tuesday when free agency starts.