Manning Agent to Phoenix Mattress Company: Wake Up and Get Outta Here


Peyton Manning’s agent took to the offensive Wednesday and asked that a Phoenix mattress company, who has posted several “Peyton Manning Please Sleep Here” billboards around the city, take those boards down immediately.  I don’t know all the legalities involved, however, I don’t think that Manning’s agents at IMG have a mattress, er, a leg to stand on.  Personally, I think the fine folks at IMG should just leave the matter alone.

I’m not sure what prompted IMG to send the cease and desist, however, it certainly will rub fans in Arizona the wrong way, I’m sure.  It would seem to me that his agents are trying to distance Peyton from the Cards by issuing the order.  R&S Mattress put the billboards up last week in anticipation of the Manning tour making it’s way through Phoenix.

Something about this just rubs me the wrong way.  First, who is the company hurting?  No one.  I’ve seen billboards in Denver with Manning’s face on it too.  Don’t hear of any request for those to be taken down.  IMG had nothing better to do than request those billboards come down.  Maybe they should go help Manning work on that contract for life Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams offered up this evening.  I’m sure that’s a little more important to Manning right now.