With No Manning, the Cardinals Need to Sign Kolb


As much as we are going to be disappointed by the decision Peyton Manning is probably going to make, it will be time to move on and pick up the option on current Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb.  He brings stability to the offense, knows the system now, and will compete with John Skelton for the number one job in training camp.  The Cards may still bring another quarterback in, but right now, it’s looking like Kolb.  I’m ok with that.

There aren’t many other options.  I know many fans hate on Kolb, but now let’s give the guy a chance with a full off-season of preparation.  He could still easily lose out on the starting job in camp, but it will be his to lose.  Competition is always good.  Right now, I still firmly believe though he is a better option than Skelton.  Not hating on Skelton because he has come much further than I would have ever expected after two seasons – both of which he was expected to sit, watch, and learn.

Manning will probably choose between the Denver Broncos and the Tennessee Titans.  Fine.  They can have him.  It’s a gamble anyway.  Kolb is a gamble., but a much less expensive one.  Sure, he’s no sure Hall of Famer, but reality needs to start setting in and quick.  If Manning does an about face all of a sudden before Saturday, I’m good with it and the Cards should cut Kolb to save money.  Unless that happens, jump on the Kolb bus please.