Arizona Cardinals Fans Need to Back Kevin Kolb


The Peyton Manning saga is officially over as far as the Arizona Cardinals are concerned.  Now that Kevin Kolb has been given his $7 million roster bonus, it is time for Cards fans to support him 100 percent, whether he is the starter or the backup.  I realize many people are no fans of his, but if you are a true Cards fan, you will get behind him all the way.  Like it or not, he is here to stay for now.

Sure, there is the John Skelton side of things as far as some fans are concerned.  I have no issue with that.  Look, Kevin Kolb is no Peyton Manning and we all know that.  However, without our support, things could get rough.  You want a quarterback who feels comfortable where he plays.  He will need all the comfort he can get.

Kolb may lose out on the starting job.  That is a real possibility, however, anyone crying that we still have Kolb needs to face reality.  Kevin Kolb is an Arizona Cardinals quarterback.  Period.  The sooner everyone faces that reality head on, the quicker we can move on and address the other positions of need.