Cardinals Re-Sign Levi Brown


Our favorite offensive lineman, Levi Brown, is back in the fold.  After releasing  him last week in order to make cap room for free agents, the Arizona Cardinals went back out on Friday and grabbed him back off the market, signing him to a new contract.  I know there are people on both sides of the fence on this one.  The best thing I could say on this is at least Levi is familiar with the Cards.  He did play “ok” towards the end of 2011, however when you are trying to win a division, I’m not sure “ok” is good enough.  I think the Cards could have done better.  Levi needs to play better.  Period.

There are those who were happy to see him leave and those not so happy.  The Cards probably realized there may not be many better options out there in the free agency market.  They did sign Adam Snyder, but so far Snyder is the only free agent the Cards have signed from outside the organization.

Clearly, the Cards like Brown.  The end of the season must have made an impression.  Or did it?  It almost sounds like the Cards were never that disappointed in Brown.  I don’t know why that would be the case though?  I won’t call him a bust, but clearly the Cards overpaid for him the first time, hence the reason for the release in the first place.  They did bring him back on a lesser contract, but he is still clearly getting his payday.

Now the Cards must move their attention to the draft when looking at the offensive line if they are going to look for upgrades.  Not saying they still won’t get get a guy or two off the free-agent market.  I’ve learned enough to never say never, but now I imagine they look to the draft for more OL help.