Grading Arizona Cardinals Free-Agency So Far: D


The Arizona Cardinals get a “B” for effort for the first week of free agency, only because they pursued Peyton Manning.  Otherwise, for the first week of free agency, I give the Cards a just barely passing grade of “D”. They only signed one free agent outside of the organization.  It was in a position of need, so they don’t fail overall, yet.

They cleared the cap space needed to pursue Manning and other free agents by releasing offensive lineman Levi Brown.  Then, once the Cards were no longer in the Manning hunt, they re-signed Brown.  Their only pickup away from home was Adam Snyder from the San Francisco 49’ers.

Now, with no Manning to pursue and many other big name free agents taken by other teams, the question is, will they find any more needs in free agency?  There are still names out there, but the biggest ones, say like a position of need in wide receiver most notably, are gone.  The Cards found themselves in the same position last free agency period while pursuing Kevin Kolb.  They ended up losing out on the available receivers.

Hopefully by the time the draft comes around I can give the Cards a more favorable grade for the free agency period.  Right now, it isn’t looking that great.