Not in the Cards, Manning Signs with Denver Broncos


We knew that Peyton Manning was already off the list for the Arizona Cardinals.  It was supposedly down to three teams, the Denver Broncos, Tennessee Titans, and San Francisco 49’ers.  Broncos it is according to a source.  Peyton Manning has instructed his agent to start negotiations with the Broncos.  As of this afternoon, word is they are working on a possible 5-year $95 million contract.  Tennessee offered a “lifetime” contract.  Five years is pretty much that for Manning. Personally, if he was going to spurn the Cards, I’m glad the Niners are out of it too!

Now their are bigger questions to answer.  What does this do for current Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow?  Word is the Broncos will officially try to trade him as soon as the Manning deal becomes official.  That makes sense since Tebow has reached the point where a team needs to build around him as the starter.  The biggest rumors have been around the Miami Dolphins and Jacksonville Jaguars.

The other questions out there involve the Niners.  What about quarterback Alex Smith?  He visited with the Dolphins yesterday in anticipation the Niners may land Manning.  What if he still signs with the Dolphins?  Yeah, that will pretty much leave the Niners up a creek without a paddle.

The Cards of course left the hunt for Manning on Friday when they officially picked up Kevin Kolb’s $7 million contract.  It was a quite the weekend with the Niners joining the fray and some reports having Manning seriously considering playing for the Titans.  The AFC makes sense for Manning.  So, we all move on now and let the rest of the free agents who were waiting on Manning’s move, to make their own moves.