Better “Early” than Never, Doucet Re-signs With Arizona Cardinals


In what I consider a mild surprise, the Arizona Cardinals re-signed free agent wide receiver Early Doucet today.  Apparently they are ready to give Doucet a fourth chance at being the Cards number two receiver.  Heck right now, I’d settle for three.  He brings back his inconsistency that has given Cards fans such agony.  With the free agent core at wide receiver dwindling though, I’m not totally shocked by this move.

Doucet started off his career slowly, getting injured in his rookie season, ending it very prematurely.  Then he came back in 2009 and actually started to show signs towards the end of the season he was catching on and wanted to solidify the number two.  However in 2010 and 2011 he went back to that inconsistency that drives fans crazy.

Doucet may still have a fight on his hands this season.  A lot of off-season is left before training camp.  Free agency is not over and there is still the draft  Hopefully Doucet sees this move as a vote of confidence and goes out and performs more consistently.  I don’t know how many more chances a guy gets to make his mark?