Arizona Cardinals Get Touchy-Feely, Re-Sign Kicker to Two-Year Contract


The Arizona Cardinals signed yet another one of their own free agents today.  They signed kicker Jay Feely to a two-year contract.  Feely has been the team’s kicker for the past two seasons.  He is a serviceable, mostly dependent kicker, so this move I have no issue with. It just seems every move the Cards make it is to re-sign their own players.  They must believe they were good enough last season to win the division because as of today they have done nothing to upgrade the team.  With the exception of offensive lineman Adam Snyder, it has been status quo.  Pretty disappointing if you ask me.

Mind you, I don’t have anything against re-singing Feely.  I don’t think there were many better options out there.  I don’t mind stability at kicker.  It’s what made Neil Rackers good for so many seasons.

Hopefully the Cards will be able to sign some of these guys they’ve been bringing in.  Otherwise it will be 2011 all over again.  With the schedule that lies ahead in 2012, I wouldn’t count on 8 wins with the current roster.  Not even close.