Cardinals Missed Boat on Left Tackle Demetrius Bell


Free agent left tackle Demetrius Bell visited the Arizona Cardinals a couple of weeks ago after the free-agency period started.  He left unsigned, presumably only because he wanted to make other visits around the NFL.  Seems logical, right?  Turns out that was the case.  After tonight’s stop with the Philadelphia Eagles, it could turn out to be the boat the Cards missed the most in free agency.

The Eagles just lost their Pro Bowl lineman Jason Peters to a season ending Achilles injury.  Peters is a friend of Bell’s and reportedly has been trying to sell Bell on playing in Philly.  Seems reasonable.  With the need seemingly greater in Philly and the ability play in the NFC East in place of his friend, I think the Cards would have been better off signing him right away.

Don’t count the Cards losers in the offensive lineman position in free agency.  Oh no.  They did re-sign Levi Brown.  Oh wait, sorry, I’m not sure that was a good thing.  Bell would have been a nice addition and an upgrade on the offensive line.  I think the Cards will make a mistake by drafting one in the first round unless it is overall the best lineman in the draft, considered to be Matt Kalil out of Southern California.  No chance the Cards get him.

It continues to be a waiting game, but I would be surprised if the light of day comes on Monday and Bell isn’t the newest member of the Eagles.