Michael Floyd Should Still be the Cardinals First Round Pick


There are several positions the Arizona Cardinals have a need, only a little of which was addressed in free agency.  They still need help on the offensive line, wide receiver, and outside linebacker.  They could also decide to not turn the other cheek on a pass rusher or a defensive back.  As of right now, I still see the Cards drafting wide receiver Michael Floyd from Notre Dame at number 13.  Many don’t see it, but why not?

There is the camp that feels Floyd will be gone.  There is the camp that feels Floyd is a stretch at 13.  It’s all a matter of opinion…in my opinion.  It is probably amongst the top two needs for the Cards along with offensive line.  The best OL Matt Kalil will be gone.  There should be no reason to stretch with an offensive lineman.  Look where it got the Cards with Levi Brown.

I still see Floyd being on the board at 13.  Question is, can the Cards ignore another skill position player in favor of a lineman who probably ends up going too high.  Levi Brown is the perfect example of this when the Cards took him instead of running back Adrian Peterson.

Floyd is a jumper with good hands.  I think we know someone else like that on the Cards roster.  Maybe that guy, you know, Larry Fitzgerald, can mentor him to eventually be the number one guy down the road.  Floyd would be a great number two coming out of school.  Right now, neither Early Doucet or Andre Roberts have proven they want the position.  Floyd makes sense.  Then again, when have the Cards ever done anything in the draft that made sense?