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Former San Francisco 49’ers Receiver Bogan Arrested in Scottsdale


Come to Arizona and act like an idiot at a nightclub?  Sure, probably your normal night in Scottsdale, but not for San Francisco 49’ers wide receiver Dontavia Bogan was arrested at El Hefe in Scottsdale after getting into a fight with one of their bouncers.  Apparently, he did not want to wait in line like the others.  Who does he think he is?  Randy Moss?

Bogan, who was released not surprisingly after this weekend’s incident, did not play last season in a regular season game.  He is a product of South Florida.  He apparently wouldn’t listen to the bouncer who asked him repeatedly to step back and not touch the rope.  The bounced acknowledged Bogan when he said he spends a lot of money at the valley nightclub and didn’t disagree.  He had said Bogan would get in.  Bogan did not want to wait.

The Niners meanwhile released the receiver without mentioning the incident.  He was rehabbing from an injury and the day after he was medically cleared to play, the Niners released him.  Not exactly good timing on Bogan’s part.

Just another dumb athlete who thinks he’s better than the rest of us.  Hopefully he learns from his mistake and moves on.