LSU Draft Prospect Morris Claiborne Scores Low On Wonderlic


What is it with these LSU guys?  First, current Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson scored low last season and now cornerback Morris Claiborne scores a 4 out 50 on the most recent Wonderlic exam.  What gives?  An LSU spokesman says Claiborne has a high “football IQ”.  What does that mean?  He’s dumber than a doornail otherwise?  No, but I’d be careful in characterizing someone who scored extremely low on the Wonderlic.

They may have great football knowledge, but honestly, I’m a little worried about a guy who scores 4, quarterback or not.  I’ve taken a sample test.  It isn’t the easiest test, but it is far from the hardest.  I scored a 31 recently.  By all accounts Claiborne is a great guy.  Hey, I’m a great guy but look how far it’s gotten me in life?  I’m writing for a blog instead of a major news outlet.  I have a great “real” job, but it’s not in my field.

I just have to question someone’s ability to think and react to certain situations when he scores a 4.  No, this isn’t the SAT where you get points for writing your name on the test, but this is close enough, don’t you think?

I wish the guy nothing but the best, but again, these tests aren’t bias, they aren’t extremely hard.  I’m sure it won’t impact his draft position.  I worry though about life after football.  Good luck to him.