Closer to Draft Time, Cardinals Should Still Look to Receiver


It’s all a guessing game.  Who will the Arizona Cardinals take in the first round of the NFL Draft in two weeks?  Offensive line, defensive back?  How about wide receiver?  Right now, receiver is still my best guess if Michael Floyd from Notre Dame is still on the board.  Offensive line is great, but it’s all a crap shoot with the line.  It’s easy to stretch at a pick on the line.

Not many have the Cards going receiver at number 13.  Mel Kiper does.  I do.  It still makes the most sense to me.  You can find decent offensive linemen lower in the draft.  Sure, it would be great to get a lineman as it is greatly needed.

Right now though, in my opinion, Michael Floyd from Notre Dame is still the best option.  His stock is rising.  There is a good chance he could be gone, however if he is, it most likely means a terrific lineman could be available.  I’ll take either, but would prefer the receiver right now.  Larry Fitzgerald needs help on the other side.  No one seems to want to step up to be the number two and what better way to solidify your future than to get a guy like Floyd?