Arizona Cardinals Schedule Released, Open Season at Home Against Seahawks


The Arizona Cardinals didn’t get completely screwed by the NFL this upcoming season and I applaud them for that.  It almost seems they did the Cards a favor by scheduling the opening weekend at home against the Seattle Seahawks, and three of the first four games in the friendly confines of the Birds Nest at University of Phoenix Stadium.  The only road game in the first four weeks?  At the New England Patriots, in September, not December.

The Cardinals will be on national television twice.  The first time will be on the road at the St. Louis Rams on Thursday Night Football on October 4th.  The other game, making its return to Monday Night Football on October 29th, is the annual home game against the San Francisco 49’ers.

The breakdown of the schedule:

Week 1 – September 9: vs. Seattle 1:15pm

They finished last season against them.  Why not start the next one, right?  They get off to a quick start.  Cards 24-21

Week 2 – September 16: @ New England 10am

This is a tough one, no matter the time of season.  I think the Cards give a good fight, but come up short.  Pats 35-21

Week 3 – September 23: vs Philadelphia Eagles 1:05pm

Might be one of the more entertaining home games of the season.  A lot will depend on the health of both teams, but possibly a chance for Kevin Kolb to finally play against his old team, seeing as he missed last season’s win in Philly.  Cards 26-23

Week 4 – September 30: vs Miami Dolphins 1:05pm

Should be one of the easier games on the schedule.  That means it will end up being on of the most difficult games of the season.  I still see the Cards pulling it out 27-20

Week 5 – October 4 (Thursday): @St. Louis 5:20pm

A short week for the Cardinals and thank goodness that if it’s a road game, its in St. Louis.  Will they be possessing a new rookie receiver?  We’ll see.  Cards win 30-19

Week 6 – October 14: vs Buffalo Bills 1:05pm

Ryan Fitzpatrick could still be swinging his early season magic like last season.  Bills should be improved.  Not sure if it will be enough to win in Arizona.  Cards win 23-13

Week 7 – October 21: @Minnesota Vikings 10am

The scene of last season’s debacle.  Which game will we get?  The debacle from last season or the exciting game from 2010?  Probably somewhere in the middle, but probably just bad enough to lose in Minnesota, again.  Vikes win 34-17

Week 8 – October 29 (Monday): San Francisco 49’ers 5:30pm

The first of two meetings.  The last MNF meeting in 2010 ended up being the most exciting in the post game presser.  Then of course there was the goal line stop in 2008.  This could be fun.  Cards pull it out 17-16

Week 9 – November 4: @Green Bay Packers 11am

Not much faith in a victory here.  Packers are still the Packers.  At least it isn’t in December or January.  It’s probably the best thing I will be able to say about this one.  Packers in a landslide 42-10

Week 10 – BYE

Week 11 – November 18: @Atlanta Falcons 11am

Another one the fence game.  Historically another place the Cards have trouble.  Got blown out 41-7 in the last visit two years ago.  I don’t think it will be that bad this time, but it’ll still be a loss.  Falcons win 31-17

Week 12 – November 25: vs St. Louis 2:15pm

Last season’s game in Arizona was exciting.  Patrick Peterson with the game winning punt return in overtime.  A lot to ask for an encore, but it would be fun.  Cards win 24-20

Week 13 – December 2: @New York Jets 11am

Jets will either be a mess or flowing well with the two-headed QB monster, staring Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow.  I vote mess.  It will be December in New York though.  Anything can happen.  Cards eek out a win 20-19

Week 14 – December 9: @Seattle 2:15pm

It’ll be rainy most likely.  I know, a stretch for Seattle in December.  I give the Hawks the nod.  Hawks win 17-14

Week 15 – December 16: vs. Detroit Lions 2:05pm

Not your older brother’s Lions.  No doubt, one of the tougher home games of the season.  A tough loss, Lions 33-21

Week 16 – December 23: vs Chicago Bears 2:15pm

I’m so glad this game is in Arizona and not Chicago.  Let’s hope the Cards don’t blow a large halftime lead.  Wait, that doesn’t happen at home against the Bears does it?  Cards win 28-23

Week 17 – December 30: @San Francisco 2:15pm

This game will make the Cards 9-7 or 10-6.  They usually play the Niners tough in the bay.  It could come down to who executes late.  I’ll give the Niners the split though cause winning 10 games would be a lot to ask this Cards team.  Niners win 23-21