Chances that Arizona Cardinals Trade First-Round Pick Seem Slim


With the Arizona Cardinals void of a second-round selection in this years draft, it would seem less likely they would trade their number 13 pick in the first round this Thursday.  The only way I could see that happening is for someone else’s pick below them who wanted to move up, plus other picks in the draft.  Right now, the Cards don’t seem like a team interesting in stock piling a bunch of draft picks.  There has been little talk of anything of the sort happening, although you are hearing it from several other teams close to the Cards in the first round.

The Cards should still find great value at number 13.  They should be able to fill one of their needs, either on the OL, WR , or even a pass rusher.  I don’t believe they can find an outside linebacker at 13. You never fully rule anything out however.  Things are always subject to change.

For weeks, I’ve been saying Michael Floyd, WR from Notre Dame.  I haven’t heard a lot from the Cards on him other than I know he has worked out for them.  Offensive line seems like a strong possibility, but the guys they covet could already be off the board by the time 13 comes around.  Trading up seems even less likely than trading down.  Trading up means giving up more and I’m fairly certain unless they are landing sure gold, the Cards will not be asking to trade up.