With Draft Approaching, New Buzz About Arizona Cardinals


The other day I mentioned how I thought the Arizona Cardinals chances of pulling off a trade in the draft was slim.  Today, it seems as if many people see the Cardinals being one of the most likely to pull off a trade to move up.  Do they make a move for Matt Kalil?  Will they move up to find their wide receiver?  I still can’t see it though given the news the Cards will most likely not be drafting for need.  If that’s the case, why waste a trade?

I thought the whole point of drafting was for need, right?  I must be crazy.  Why have a draft if you aren’t drafting for need?  I mean, the first few round are fun and all, but seriously, the draft gives a team the chance to pick up players where there is the greatest need. As far as I’m concerned, if you aren’t drafting for need, then go ahead and trade your picks.

If the Cards trade some picks, maybe they can pick up some vets they need.  Most likely doesn’t happen but then again, these are the Arizona Cardinals.  It’s all speculation though until Thursday night.

There is also of course a chance the Cards unintentionally choose someone that ends up being a need in the long run.  Funny how things go sometimes and with the Cardinals, they are always good for a laugh or two.