Will Michael Floyd Make Larry Fitzgerald Better?


It wasn’t my first choice for a draft pick at #13.  But apparently Larry Fitzgerald has a lot of power among the team’s top brass, and the Arizona Cardinals gave Fitzgerald what he wanted: a top-flight wide receiver to line up with him, and hopefully bring back memories of what it was like when Anquan Boldin played with Fitzgerald.

Now that the pick has been made, I am actually  very excited about Michael Floyd being on the Arizona Cardinals.  I watched a 10-minute highlight reel of Floyd in action, and he has the best features of Fitzgerald and Boldin: the build and the great hands of Fitzgerald, and the ability to gain yards after a catch and break tackles that Boldin possesses.  And as scary as the thought seems, it could actually make Fitz even better than he already is!

I’m still concerned about the offensive line…wide receivers are only valuable if the quarterback has enough time to throw them the ball.  Perhaps the Cardinals can shore up their still weak offensive line with later draft picks and/or free agent signings.  Meanwhile, it looks like the Cardinals are now going to have two guys from Minnesota on their team who will be giving opposing secondaries nightmares