Actual Grade on Cardinals Draft Won’t Come Till Fall


For all the grading and predicting we do, fact is, we can’t truly know how a draft is going to pan out until they start playing the games.  The Arizona Cardinals are no exception to that.  Sure, I graded the Cards draft a B+, however that is all based on potential and college stats.  They haven’t played a down yet in the NFL.  Let’s see how that B+ stands up in November, December, and beyond.

I like what the Cards did and based on what they needed, I think they did a decent job in getting the right guys.  Some were risks, i.e. Justin Bethel, Ryan Lindley.  Some were steals, i.e. Bobby Massie, Michael Floyd.  However the true test comes in the fall.

Until then, it’ll be fun to watch these guys progress through the rookie camps and training camp.  No one has been “given” a spot on the roster, which makes it all that much more interesting.  Even Michael Floyd, the 13th overall pick, will need to step up his game in August if he wishes to be on the roster come September.  Nothing is given and that’s the way it should be.