Kelemete Brings Flexibility to Offensive Line for Cardinals


Senio Kelemete.  Not exactly a name I expected to see on the Arizona Cardinals draft board, however not a surprise cause one he is an offensive lineman and secondly, he is someone who has moved around the offensive line.  Kelemete played all three positions on the offensive line and this was after he was converted from the defense.  Who knows what the Cards plans are for him?

He has good quickness and good hands.  The big worry is his size and speed.  As we’ve seen over the past couple of years though, it is something the Cards have been willing to work with, to a point.

The Cards must have seen something in Kelemete that said “pick me”.  To me, that speaks volumes, especially given the fact he didn’t even start his career at Washington on offense.  I see Kelemete probably experiencing an adjustment period before settling in.  I could even see some practice squad team for him next season to start out with.  Maybe I become pleasantly surprised come August.