Nate Potter Could be Project for Cardinals


As one of the three offensive lineman selected by the Arizona Cardinals in this weekend’s draft, Nate Potter, offensive tackle from Boise State was a guy that raised some eyebrows when he was selected.  Many felt he would be a free agent at best.  That, coupled with the fact he went in the seventh round, probably means Potter will struggle to make the roster.

Here’s what he does bring.  Potter comes from a winner at Boise State.  Winning at a high level has to count for something, right?  Especially for as potent an offense the Broncos are.  Potter has long arms, which attract many an NFL scout.  However, the big knock on him is he can’t consistently handle the bull rushers and gets knocked off balance quite often.  That’s not exactly something you’d think would equate to a successful NFL career.

Hey, the Cards have gone against the grain as history will tell though.  Just look at the selection and eventual playing time quarterback Max Hall got a couple of years ago.  Sure, size eventually caught up with Hall, but this is what makes Potter a nice project.  With the offensive line needing help, if the Cards find something intangible about you, you’ve got a shot.  Why not Potter?