Naysayers Beware, Michael Floyd a Quality Pick at 13


There were immediately two distinct camps as soon as the Arizona Cardinals selected Notre Dame wide receiver Michael Floyd.  There was the camp the absolutely loved the pick, one which you can include me in.  The other was not of dislike, but a camp full of people who would have rather seen the Cards take an offensive lineman.  I really can’t argue against an lineman there, however, when Floyd drops into your hands at 13, arguably the best player overall in the draft and it happens to be a need, it was the right call.  The Cards still got three offensive linemen in the draft.  Job well done.

Yes, Floyd had off the field issues.  They’ve been well documented.  Those issues are distant history though.  None of which hampered a great senior season.  For Floyd’s part, he says the issues are no longer.  He’s moved on.  So should the rest of you.

Floyd’s great leaping ability and athleticism should eventually draw some attention away from Larry Fitzgerald.  Sure, at first Fitz will still see the double teams.  Probably will the rest of his career no matter who is on the other side of the field opposite him.  That’s where Floyd comes in though.  He will be a threat teams will not be able to ignore and as time goes on, teams will catch on, which will release some pressure off Fitz.

Detractors will say it doesn’t matter if the quarterback doesn’t have time to get them the ball in the first place.  Please, the offensive line is patch work at times, but it’s the QB’s job to release the ball quickly.  It worked for Kurt Warner.  Warner had a patchwork OL at times too.  It’s a matter of adjustment.  So, for now, enjoy having Floyd in the fold.